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RX / TX Viking Puma Multimode Concorde Jumbo Select Handmaster

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RX / TX Viking Puma Multimode Concorde Jumbo Select HandMaster
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Manufacturers of electronic equipments

Company creates in Ghent (Belgium) in 1979, HAM had a complete catalogue of receiving transmitters but also of the whole of the useful or essential complementary equipment in the station of a radio operator amateur.
Excellent TX from HAM enjoyed many operators, quote for example only some mythical stations, Viking , Puma, Multimode, Concorde and Jumbo all designed around
electronic boards.


HAM distributed many interesting accessories :

 HAM Viking 1, 2 & 3

Large standard of the market... at the time of the first  80 channels. Traditional of quality and reliable electronics in addition.
AM/FM 80, 160 then 200 channels in 2, 3 ou 5 frequency bands (export versions).
40 channels in its french approved version  N° PTT 83149

Ham Viking
: (PTBM094COX)

Not available  HAM PUMA

80 then 120 channels AM-FM, it is equipped with an  incorporated tosmeter,
Anl+Nb filters, of a  Beep Roger, a Local / DX switch
and connector for  selective calling.

Ham Puma :

 HAM Multimode 2 & 3

As its name indicates, 120 then 200 Multimode channels
AM-FM-SSB. It is about the one the first prohibited stations
regularly imported.

Multimode 2
: (PTBM059COX)
Multimode 3 : (PTBM133A4X)


 HAM Concorde 1, 2 & 3

A complete mobile station, AM-FM + SSB, shift in frequency of approximately 5 khz, clarifier, RF gain, 0.4 W / 4 W commutation and Tos meter-Watt meter. It will be diffused
in two different cases, the characteristics variyng much according to the circuit used.

Concorde 1 :
Concorde 2
: (PTBM121D4X)
Concorde 3 : (PTBM133A4X)


 HAM Jumbo 1, 2 & 3

Multimode base fonctionning on main 220/240 Volts. Its successful esthetics already known on Colt Excalibur will be many times recovery
for other models (Président Franklin, Galaxy Saturne, etc…).
This model presented in the form of rack 19 inches has all the conceivable accessories, Beep Roger, connector for selective calling, 2 entries of commutable antennas by relay, Tune order about 5 khz with clarifier, switch of power 2 positions, frequency meter connector, order low registers/acute, Tos measures and Watt measures with considering meters.

Jumbo 1 : (PTBM059COX)
Jumbo 2 : (PTBM121D4X)
Jumbo 3 : (PTBM133A4X)

   Selective callings SC-12R & SC-100R 

Other models



This is the 22 channels FM version of the model Viking. This one lays out  the filters ANL + NB, connector for Public Adress, an attenuator for DX reception and an adjustment of tonality to the emission.


It acts of one 22 channels FM/2 Watts, more elaborate than the Viking. The Mariner model is equipped with a system of selective calling, a Roger beep and an order of squelch. (imported model approved PTT Marc)


Approved version of the Base Jumbo to first standard NFC 92411 is only 22 channels in 2 Watts, mode FM exclusively. Racing car body without engine...

Select (portable 160 channels)

Portable all in one with the professional paces, this one was equipped with 160 channels (export version).




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