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 Jumbo & Jumbo 2

It is the top-of-the-range Ham. The Jumbo is a multimode base functioning on the sector 240 Volts.
Its esthetics successful already known on the basis Colt Excalibur will be taken again many times for other models (President Franklin, Galaxy Saturn, Hercules etc...).


The HAM INTERNATIONAL JUMBO is an advanced FM/AM/SSB 2-way transceiver primarily designed for base station operation. It employs the very latest technology to provide 120 channels operation in 4 modes of transmitting and receiving by means of the phase-locked loop (PLL) circuitry. The use of the PLL-circuitry assures a precise on-frequency operation on every channel. This is unmatched by conventional frequency synthesis system units.

The JUMBO also features the following: * 120 channels into 3 bands. * Electro-magnetic TX-RX switching enables selective call facility. * Roger Beep built-in. * Two relay switched antenna inputs. * Tune facility allows inter-channel operation especially in SSB with more convenience than a VFO. * Modulation control lamp. * Output for frequency counter. * Giant LED's assure bright channel display. * Detachable handgrips for professional 19" rack mounting.
* A clarifier with on/off switch enables to be tuned on 2 different SSB stations at the same time. * SWR-meter built-in, * Delivered with English manual and guarantee card.


 Jumbo 3


HAM INTERNATIONAL, one of the leading manufacturers of communication equipment, has joined to its marvellous collection a trans­ceiver, which is adding new dimensions to the art of communication: the JUMBO 3. Indeed, the imposing forefront of the JUMBO 3 hides a real sample of advanced technology. The 227 channels in AM, FM, SSB and CW are only the first example. 80 new negative channels have been added to the 120 conventional channels. The new negative channel system provides a logic and univoque readout of all channels. Revolutionary also is the technology of the receiver, which goes on working normally, even under strong interferences of nearby stations. The sensitivity of this set and the absence of background noise are simply fantastic.

HAM INTERNATIONAL, qui occupe deja une place privilegiee parmi les constructeurs de materiel de communication, a encore etendu sa gamme prestigieuse avec, indiscutablement, Ie
The JUMBO 3 is also offering be
tter performances thanks to the adjustable power output: 0,5 W for "quiet" modulation, 4 W for optimal modulation quality, and a maximum output of 8 W. The double meter has a triple function: indication of signal strength at reception, power output at transmission, and SWR measurement. Besides the switchable ANL/NB filter, the double antenna connection possibility, and switchable Roger Beep, some other new features have been incorporated. First of all the 10 kHz shift bringing 27 alpha-channels into your reach. Inter-channel operation is also possible by means of the "tune" knob.

Innovative is the speech compressor, producing better signal audibility and voice clarity, and thus improving signal propagation. A 20 dB attenuator has been added to the RF-gain, allowing an even better adjustment of incoming signals. When using the 10 kHz shift and the attenuator, LEDs are blinking. Another important innovation is the automatic warning indicator lamp, warning you at incorrect antenna connection, short circuit, or bad SWR-measurement of your equipment.

With the impressioning JUMBO 3, the art of communication is taking a step forward. It offers the possibility to expand your horizon, and is the real passport to the wonderful world of communication



 Technical specifications : (export version)

Jumbo & Jumbo 2

Jumbo 3

- Phase-locked loop circuitry : AM /FM type PLL02 type PLL02
- Receiving system : AM /FM Dual conversion superheterodyne Dual conversion superheterodyne
                               SSB Single conversion superheterodyne Single conversion superheterodyne
- Channels : 120 227
- Operation modes : AM / FM / SSB AM /FM / SSB / CW
- Frequency coverage : 26.695 - 28.305 Mhz 26.065 - 28.305 Mhz (+/- 10 Khz)
- RF Power Output : AM :    5 W AM :   8 W - 4 W - 0.5 W
  FM  :   6 W FM :    8 W - 4 W - 0.5 W
  SSB : 18 W SSB : 20 W - 12 W - 1 W
- Intermediate frequencies  10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz 10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz
- Clarifier range +/- 800 Hz +/- 800 Hz
- Tune range +/- 4.5 Khz +/- 10 Khz
- Audio output : 3 w (8 ohms) 2.5 W (8 ohms)
- AC input voltage : 220 volts (50 - 60 Hz) 220 volts (50 - 60 Hz)


Jumbo 1 : (PTBM059COX)
Jumbo 2
: (PTBM121D4X)
Jumbo 3 : (PTBM133A4X)


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