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 Multimode 2


The HAM INTERNATIONAL MULTIMODE 2 is an advanced AM/FM/SSB 2-way transceiver primarily desig­ned for mobile operation.
It employs the very latest technology to provide 120 channels operation in 4 modes of transmitting and receiving, by means of the phase-locked loop (PLL) circuitry. The use of the PLL-circuitry assures a precise on-frequency operation on every channel, which is unmatched by conven­tional frequency synthesis system units.

includes the following features which will provide greater operation convenience and assure optimum communication under a wide range of con­ditions; * Capability of triple mode of operation: conventional AM, FM or suppressed-carrier single side­band (LSB, USB).
* 120 channels divided into 3 bands. * Illuminated meter for receiving signal strength and transmitting RF power monitoring. * Clarifier with on/off switch to fine tune to an off-frequency station. * Separate tune with
+/- 4,5 kHz coverage enables you to cover the complete band without holes just as a VFO, but more comfortable. * Noise blanker and automatic noise limiter for reduction of ignition and atmospheric noises. * PA (public address) amplifier operation. * DX-LOCAL switch to prevent distorted reception. * Large channel readout using light-emitting diode array. * Reversible ground polarity system. " Detachable microphone with push-to-talk transmitting switch.


 Multimode  3



The introduction of a new transceiver by HAM INTERNATIONAL is always a special event in the world of communication. This tradition goes on with the MULTIMODE 3.

The unique combination of originality, advanced technology and amazing performances, make this transceiver to be the right successor of its famous predecessor.

The MULTIMODE 3 has a lot of striking features to offer. The most important innovation consists of the channel number extension up to 200 in the AM, FM and SSB modulation mode. Still more efficiency is obtained by the addition of 80 new negative channels, thanks to the exclusive
HAM INTERNATIONAL system with its logic, and simple new channel standard.

Also revolutionary is the receiver which keeps on working normally, even under strong inter­ferences of nearby stations. Indicatorlamps are provided for the negative (green) and high channels (red). Other additio­nal features are: switchable ANL/NB filter, a DX LOCAL position to prevent distorted reception of nearby signals, switch-controlled Roger Beep, and public address facility. Innovative also is the built-in speech compres­sor with on/off switch, assuring a more effec­tive modulation, and increasing largely the signal propagation. Dependent on local conditions, an output power of 0,4 W or 5 W can be applied. The "clarifier" enables to fine tune on SSB stations, while the separate "tune" knob with switch allows inter-channel operation, thus covering the whole band without holes, Also usual but worth mentioning are the con­nection possibilities for external speaker, public address, frequency counter and selective call system.

This exceptional transceiver has everything to assure a problemless communication. It is only one of the possibilities offered by the

So, when you are looking for quality and performances, go with a winner, just go with the MULTIMODE 3.



 Technical specifications : (export version)

Multimode 2

Multimode 3

- Phase-locked loop circuitry : type PLL02 type PLL02
- Receiving system : AM /FM Dual conversion superheterodyne Dual conversion superheterodyne
                               SSB Single conversion superheterodyne Single conversion superheterodyne
- Channels : 120 200
- Operation modes : AM / FM / SSB AM /FM / SSB
- Frequency coverage : 26.965 - 28.305 Mhz 26.065 - 28.305 Mhz (+/- 5.5 Khz)
- RF Power Output : AM :    4 W AM :   4 W - 0.5 W
  FM  :   4 W FM :    4 W - 0.5 W
  SSB : 12 W SSB : 12 W - 1 W
- Intermediate frequencies  10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz 10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz
- Clarifier range : +/- 800 Hz +/- 800 Hz
- Tune range : +/- 4.5 Khz +/- 5.5 Khz
- Audio output : 3 w (8 ohms) 2.5 W (8 ohms)
- Power source : 13.8 V DC 13.8 V DC


            Multimode 2 : 120 channels (PTBM059COX)
            Multimode 3 : 200 channels (PTBM133A4X)



Circuit PTBM059COX

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