Selective call systems SC-12R et SC-100Z
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The SC-12R and SC-100Z are specially developped to stop the need for constant channel monitoring, when you are waiting for a station to call, and to prevent other stations from breaking through the regular squelch control of your transceiver. They are connected in such a way that the usual noise and interference of other users is not heard, until the preceded signal is received. When detecting the preceded tones, the speaker is connected, an indicator-lamp is lighted, and the calling station may identify itself. The indicatorlamp also warns you in case of a call in your absence.

A special repeat-function is incorporated to send back automatically a called code number for confirmation. It is evident that these selective call systems lend theirselves especially to professional applications. Used in combination with a pocket-receiver, they can be extended to wide range paging systems.

The SC-12 R and SC-100 Z can be connected easily by using the specially prepared connecting cable provided by the manufacturer. They fit with almost all HAM INTERNATIONAL and MAJOR transceivers.




The SC-12R is a smalt sized 12 channel dual-tone encoder/decoder. Ceramic tuning fork selective filters combine with two high gain audio amplifiers. This latest technology in tone-signaling circuitry assures extreme selectivity and high sensitivity both in the encode and decode mode of operation. The unit is powered directly through the special connecting cable, and can be used both in AM and FM mode. The possibility to generate an extra alarm-signal (car-horn) at the reception of a call is also foreseen.



The SC-100Z is a highly sophisticated 5-tone selective call system with 100 channels available. These 100 channels are generated by a programmable active filter and made available by the use of two rotary switches.
No tuning forks are
needed, since tone generation is done completely by electronic circuits.
By changing 4 small connectors inside,
the number of combinations can be extended up to 12.000.
The SC-100Z is a guarantee for multiple
and problemless use.



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