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 Concorde & Concorde 2

Front black plastic face, underlined elegant presentation of a white edging, the Concorde is an apparatus of point.

In its first versions
it acts already of a complete mobile station, AM-FM-BLU-CW, shift in frequency of approximately 5 Khz, clarifier, RF gain, commutation 0.4 W/4 W and Tos meter-Watt meter.

Manufacture looked after on printed circuit bakelite to which are connected several small plates (Roger beep, commutation of 3 quartz for the Low-Mid-Hi bands) screwed on both sides case.

Connections present on the back face of Tx are numerous, 2 catches cinch for the connection of a frequency counter and a tape recorder, mutibroche for the selective calling, 3 jack 3.5 mm for the CW manipulator, the Public-Adress and an external loudspeaker.



Thank you to Andy Rudge (GB) for the photographs                   


 Concorde 3


In its third grinding, Concorde changes of appearance, gains in power and in number of channels


Since their introduction a few years ago, the HAM  INTERNATIONAL  high  performance transceivers have established themselves at the forefront of the market. High performance, because they are the result of intensive research and design efforts.

Target was to realise through the CONCORDE 3 the most complete and most advanced mobi­le transceiver actually available. This is manifested by the revolutionary new concepts, that have been used to realise 227 channels in AM, FM, SSB and CW mode.

80 new negative channels have been added to the 120 conventional channels. HAM INTERNATIONAL once again is the first to introduce this logic new channel standard, allowing a univoque readout of the 80 negative channels.

Another very important innovation is the brand-new designed receiver reducing still more channel interference from nearby stations.

The large multi-purpose meter indicates signal strength at reception, power output in transmission, and SWR. Control lamps for TX/RX, for negative and high channels are also fore­seen. A noise-free reception is assured by means of the swilchable ANL/NB filters, while the Roger Beep with on/off switch provides the caracteristic 11 end-of-communication a  lone. Special attention must be payed to the new incorporated speech compressor, which increa­ses the signal audibility and voice clarity. This also results in a better propagation, especially in DX mode

The clarifier enables fine tuning on all SSB stations, while the important "tuner with switch allows interchannel operation.
Also innovative is the 10 kHz shift - indicated by a LED - which brings the 27 alpha-channels into your reach. Output power is adjustable in three steps: 0,5 W, 4 W and 8 W. Other additional features are: public address facility, connections for external speaker, fre­quency counter, selective call system, recor­der and supplementary S-meter-A transceiver with all these possibilities could only be manufactured by HAM INTERNATIONAL

The CONCORDE 3 simply is the choice for the communication fan who wants the very best.



 Technical specifications : (export versions)

Concorde 2

Concorde 3

- Phase-locked loop circuitry : AM /FM type PLL02 type PLL02
- Receiving system : AM /FM Dual conversion superheterodyne Dual conversion superheterodyne
                               SSB Single conversion superheterodyne Single conversion superheterodyne
- Channels : 120 227
- Operation modes : AM / FM / SSB / CW AM /FM / SSB / CW
- Frequency coverage : 26.695 - 28.305 Mhz 26.065 - 28.305 Mhz (+/- 10 Khz)
- RF Power Output : AM :    5 W AM :   8 W - 4 W - 0.5 W
  FM  :   6 W FM :    8 W - 4 W - 0.5 W
  SSB : 18 W SSB : 20 W - 12 W - 1 W
- Intermediate frequencies  10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz 10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz
- Clarifier range +/- 800 Hz +/- 800 Hz
- Tune range +/- 4.5 Khz +/- 10 Khz
- Audio output : 3 w (8 ohms) 2.5 W (8 ohms)
- AC input voltage : 220 volts (50 - 60 Hz) 220 volts (50 - 60 Hz)

    Concorde 1 :
    Concorde 2
: (PTBM121D4X)
    Concorde 3 : (PTBM133A4X)

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