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   Handheld Select 160


The SELECT is a new portable transceiver allowing to Ham International to introduce once more a new concept in communicalion: the small-sized "all-in-one" equipment of really high quality, whereof the versatility and performances are unmatched, thus leaving the SELECT without any competition, Indeed, the SELECT offers you - besides 160 channels in AM and FM mode, including the standard 80 channels and in addition the new Ham International negative channels system - also a complete selective call system, making this transceiver very suitable for professional and private use. Moreover, all connections and accessories are provided to install the SELECT also as a very versatile mobile station. The easy operation is another striking property of the SELECT. Volume and squelch control are placed on the external microphone-speaker, as well as a push­button to light up the digital channel display when desired. Batteries are saved in this manner. The switchable power from 4 to 0,5 Watt also prevents batteries from early exhaustion.

The incorporated rod antenna with central loading coil assures perfect quality in reception and transmission. Noise-free reception in AM is obtained by the use of an efficient noise-suppression circuit. The famous Roger Beep in thickfilm is also incorporated. Other important features are a "minus" indicator lighting up when using the negative channels, a battery-low warning indicator and a RX-indicator, lighting up when the SELECT is in reception, and blinking when a selective call has been received. The leather carrying case protects the unit against damage, and makes the SELECT an even more attractive equip­ment. Being the owner of the SELECT from Ham International, you will be member of this select society who believes perfection on earth is still possible.




Caractéristiques Techniques : (version export)

Système à synthèse de fréquence : PLL type LC 7120
Nombre de canaux : 160 en 4 bandes de fréquences (de 26.065 Mhz à 27.855 Mhz)
Emission : AM / FM
Puissance : Maxi : AM  3,6 W, FM  4 W, Mini : AM 755 mW, FM 800 mW.
Fréquences intermédiaires :
Call : Tonalité BF 1 750 Hz
Modulateur : TA 7310
PA : 2 SD 325 + 2 SC 2078
- Ampli BF : 
LA 4420
Puissance de sortie Haut-Parleur : 2,8 W (+ prise HP extérieur)
Alimentation : Pack batteries Nickel Cadmium 13,8 V (autonomie environ 15 heures sous 50mA)


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