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 Viking 1 - 2 & 3


The VIKING line is the remarkable and logic result of the continuously progressing technology featuring all HAM INTERNATIONAL products. For these equipments, emphasis has been placed upon simplicity of operation with no sacrifices in performance. On the contrary, they provide a number of outstanding possibi­lities that normally only can be found on higher priced transceivers.
With its 80 channels in AM and FM the VIKING has to be considered as one of the most relia­ble in this class of transceivers !

The VIKING 2 disposes of 160 channels in AM and FM, whereunder the 80 standard channels, and 80 new negative channels.The revolutionary and exclusive negative chan­nels system from HAM INTERNATIONAL enables a logical and digital readout of the full 160 channels. The use of the negative channels is indicated by a green LED.

The VIKING 3 is a further step toward still more efficiency: 200 channels in AM and FM become available, with 120 conventional chan­nels and whereof 80 channels are realised with the unique HAM INTERNATIONAL negative channels system. The green color of a dual color LED indicates the negative channel use, while the red color lights up when using the high channels
(HI CH).

Other additional features of the VIKING 3 are: incorporated Roger Beep, connection for selec­tive call unit, and switchable power from 4 to 0,5 Watt. All viking's have a large illuminated instrument with double function: indication of the receiving signal strength, and control of the transmitted power. Incorporated NB and ANL filters assure noise-free reception, white ceramic filters provide minimum adjacent channel interference. Connectors for "public address" and external speaker are also foreseen.

The floating chassis finally allows both negative and positive ground installation. Just like all other products bearing the HAM INTERNATIONAL trade name, a VIKING is a guarantee for supreme quality and highest reliability..



Ham International will market platinums of transformation to inflate versions 40 and 80 channels of origin of an additional band of 40 channels.

Circuit PTOS005AOX to pass a Viking 40 channels of origin in 80 channels

Circuit PTOS008AOX to associate 40 additional channels on a Viking already equipped with 80 channels of origin.

To circumvent the legislation in force, the Viking will be also imported in version "Ham radio operator", the 80 channels announced covering the band of the 28 MHz (before transformation?).


 Ham Viking : (PTBM094COX)

Technical specifications : (export version)

- Phase-locked loop circuitry : type PLL02
- Receiving system : Dual conversion superheterodyne
Channels : Viking : 80, Viking 2 : 160, Viking 3 : 200
Operation modes : AM / FM
Frequency coverage : Viking    : 26.965 - 27.855 Mhz
                                    Viking 2 : 26.065 - 27 855 Mhz
                                    Viking 3 : 26.065 - 28.305 Mhz
RF Power Output : 4 W (Viking 3 : 0,5 W - 4 W)
IM frequencies  : AM / FM, 10,695 Mhz / 455 Khz
AM Modulation : Class B, 100 %
Audio Output : 2.5 W (8 Ohms)
Power : 13.8 V DC


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